Below is a list of selected publications. A full list is available upon request.


Fat Shaming Shouldn’t Be Part of Our “New Normal”The Walrus. 25 August 2020.

The Comedy Culture WarThe Walrus. 25 May 2020.

The Perils of Professional DressThe Walrus. 29 July 2019.

Netflix’s Russian Doll is a Must Watch” Chatelaine. 22 February 2019.

Celebrating the arts downtown” University Affairs Magazine. 19 December 2019.

Why Wearing Lipstick Is a Small Act of Joyful Resistance” The Walrus. 22 October 2018.

Margaret Atwood’s Books Taught Me to Listen–Now She Needs to Learn the Same Thing” Electric Literature. 24 January 2018.

“Off Script” The Walrus, 23 June, 2016

How Camera Phones Stunt Bravery and Shortcut Human Decency” Hazlitt, 18 March, 2014.

New Waves” The Walrus Mar 2013.

“Housewives, mistresses, and playgrounds: The Vancouver of Reality Television” This Magazine, Nov/Dec 2012.

“Liquefaction” The New Quarterly, Autumn 2012.

“$#!% Harper Did to McGuinty and Me” This Magazine, July 2012.


“Flesh Like Stars.” Room Magazine, Issue 41.4, Winter 2018.

“Duplex” Tales Untold. Published by The Reach Gallery and Museum, July 2018.

Shaughnessy” Room Magazine, Issue 40.2, Summer 2017.

Vancouver to Edmonton, 2017” Word and Colour, July 2017.

The Final Transmission” Word and Colour, March 2017.

Notes on Hesitation” Word and Colour, November 2016.

Kittens” Joyland Vancouver Sept 2010.


Archives are adapting to an era of digitization and decolonizationUniversity Affairs, 18 September, 2019.

“The Language of Profit” Maisonneuve Magazine, Spring 2017

“Traveling between worlds with Ruth Ozeki” Rice Paper, Spring 2014

“Alberta Flood, 30 Years in the Making” Huffington Post, 25 July, 2013

“High-tech Hope Chest” Quill & Quire, April 2013

“Things they lost in a tsunami” Salon, 10 Mar, 2013

“Family story nimbly walks the line between humour and heartbreak” Vancouver Sun, Mar 7 2013

“Vancouver International Women in Film Festival salutes producer, filmmaker for their contributions to the industry” Vancouver Sun, 6 March 2013

“The Chronicles of Dilbit” DeSmog Canada 4 Mar 2013

“Shell leak sheds like on life in Canada’s Chemical Valley” DeSmog Canada 31 Jan 2013

“The here and now of climate change” DeSmog Canada 21 Jan 2013

“Dance turns a new page on Sartre” Vancouver Sun, 12 Jan 2013

“Real Housewives of Vancouver” This Magazine Nov 2012

“Master of his instrumental domain” Vancouver Sun 3 Nov 2012

“Think Fast” Vancouver Sun 12 Oct 2012

“Dude to the rescue” Vancouver Sun 22 Sept 2012

“Mistress Fix-it” Vancouver Sun 18 Aug 2012

“Of human bondage” Vancouver Sun 30 Mar 2012

“Sadness has centre-stage as Playhouse closes” Vancouver Sun 12 Mar 2012

“Shared vision” Vancouver Sun 6 Feb 2012

“Story brings painter to life in bold strokes” Vancouver Sun 21 Jan 2012

“Amos gets cosy with the classics” Vancouver Sun 7 Dec 2011

“Feist brings heavy Metals” Vancouver Sun 19 Nov 2011

“Filming Under Fire” Herizons Fall 2010

“Strings attached” Edmonton Journal 10 June 2006

“Growing up by degrees.” Edmonton Journal 10 April 2006

“Fourteen actresses, just one part” Edmonton Journal 5 Feb 2005

“Solo parent, duel worlds” Edmonton Journal 15 Jan 2005

“Contrary to belief” Edmonton Journal 16 July 2005

“Your loss, whose gain?” Edmonton Journal 4 July 2005

“Accessories to financial freedom” Edmonton Journal 11 Sept 2004

“Artistic mind, collective genius” Edmonton Journal 21 Aug 2004

“Changing an image, one body at a time” Edmonton Journal 10 Aug 2004

“Keepin’ it real” Edmonton Journal 10 July 2004

“Young Guns” Edmonton Journal 19 June 2004

“The many states of Idaho” Edmonton Journal 22 May 2004

“Fighting for change a world away” Edmonton Journal 6 Mar 2004

“Putting the pieces together” Edmonton Journal 28 Feb 2004

“Mixing it up for music snobs” Edmonton Journal 23 Nov 2004

“Off on another planet” Edmonton Journal 23 Nov 2002

“Looking for a baby-maker? Keep your paws off me” Edmonton Journal 9 Nov 2002

“Run through the jungle” Edmonton Journal 19 Oct 2002

“The double life of a rock goddess” Edmonton Journal May 18 2002

“The Wild Rose Queen” Edmonton Journal Dec 22 2001