Fat shaming, the pandemic, and a visit to CBC Ideas

I recently appeared on CBC Ideas to discuss my essay Fat Shaming Shouldn’t be Part of our New Normal which I published last year in the Walrus. I found it surprisingly challenging to explore my own experiences this way, radio interviews being so much more intimate and spontaneous than even the most personal writing. It’s also a bit intimidating being the interviewed rather than the interviewer–something I really try to keep in mind in my own research process.

But of course, the folks at CBC know audio and the documentary sounds lovely. I appreciate the honestly of producer Naheed Mustafa in talking about her own relationship to weight loss culture, and I’m in awe of fellow guests Via Reyes and Dr Sarah Nutter for their knowledge and candour.

Fat shaming and weight stigma are huge topics that intersect with so many other conversations we’re having as a culture about identity and oppression. I’m just one small voice in a large field of brilliant people exploring this topic, but I appreciated having the space to explore these ideas further.

Listen to the full documentary here

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